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AE&LC and Royal Society for the Blind working together

Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre (AE&LC) performs Cataract Surgery, Eye Laser Surgery and Corneal procedures for hundreds of people every year, however not everyone can benefit from these procedures.
Some  people with vision impairment benefit greatly from the many varied services provided by the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) which gives them the opportunity to improve the quality and independence of their lives.
AE&LC recognises that these services require on-going funding and contributes to this wonderful cause by making a generous quarterly donation. In this way we contribute to the eye care of patients that the centre is unable to assist despite the advanced technology available at AE&LC today.
Together, we can help make a difference.
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Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre and the 2h Project

The 2h Project is a not for profit Australian development organisation working with local communities overseas to bring help and build hope for the poor and disadvantaged. Their focus is primarily in Cambodia, in rural, remote and urban environments with projects covering four main areas of development; microenterprise, land and housing, medical initiatives, training and education.



In 2009, Kate Taylor, the founder and director of the 2h project approached Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre to assist with Project Sight to Life and explained that cataract surgery had never been made a priority in Cambodia. With approximately 20,000 new cases anticipated each year, of which 80-90% are treatable, she detailed how a Cambodian trained optometrist (Dr Ek Sarou) had set about in establishing the Battambang Optical Clinic.
Dr Sarou had realized that eye surgery was either unaffordable, inaccessible or considered too dangerous by local villagers. Supported by his partnership with 2h, Dr Sarou rented and refitted a suitable building, collected the necessary equipment and gathered a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality eye surgery to those who are unable to afford it.
Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre is proud to be associated with the 2h project and Sight to Life through networking with other medical facilities, and donating equipment for both eye consultations and surgery requirements. The commitment of Kate, her husband Kevin, and the numerous volunteers involved in this ongoing mission is undeniable.
For further information on the Sight to Life Project or any of the other ongoing projects please refer to the 2h website: