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We are an  accredited Day Hospital centre specialising in Eye Laser Surgery, Cataract Surgery and Corneal Procedures. Our team includes:- surgeons, optometrists, registered nurses, technicians, receptionists,  administration and a management team
  • You will be attended to immediately upon your arrival and receive a warm and friendly welcome. For your comfort, refreshments, magazines, children’s toys and television are available in the reception area.
  • You will not be kept waiting long, although please understand that at times we may have unexpected delays  – we do however respect your commitment to improving your eyesight, and also respect your time. If time is of a concern, do not hesitate to inform our reception staff; we will do our utmost to see you as soon as possible.
  • Your transport to and from the practice is also of importance to us. Our reception staff will be happy to coordinate bus timetables and call taxis to ensure your comfort. Alternatively, our on-site undercover car park is always open.
  • Your condition and procedure options will be explained to you in layman’s terms. Please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any issue, including what makes us so different.
  • Eye Laser Surgery is not for everyone. Our selection process is extremely detailed and without obligation. We are here to improve your vision and lifestyle, giving you social freedom and the confidence to experience life without the restrictions that glasses and contact lenses may impose. We are committed to achieving this by providing efficient professional service. We believe our education process, experience, surgical and technical standards enable us to provide you with the best visual outcomes possible.
  • Before any surgery is recommended, you will see our technical, optometric staff and our surgeon to determine your suitability in accordance with our comprehensive informed consent process.
  • A comprehensive pre-operative eye examination is performed using the latest equipment and computer technology. The surgeon then constructs a management plan if you meet the suitability criteria.
  • Being an accredited Day Hospital facility, all facets of our care delivery meet stringent standards that are independently assessed on an ongoing basis.
We have completed more than 20,000 procedures since introducing Eye Laser Surgery  to Adelaide in 1992.
This is our commitment towards your clearer, brighter future