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Approximately 25 percent of people over 65 years of age will have some cataract formation.

When cataract symptoms interfere with the performance of daily activities, or when the cataract becomes so advanced that prescription spectacles no longer help, surgery may be considered.

Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre routinely performs small incision cataract surgery that does not involve the use of injections or stitches around the eye.

Now available, the Cataract Surgery Guide has been developed to inform patients and their families about all aspects of this highly specialised surgery.
The guide is free and available by phoning AE&LC on (08) 8274 7000.

To receive your surgery guide please select if you would like to download a copy to view on your computer and/or print, or receive it in the post to your home address.

Please note: To view and print the Surgery Guide you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader