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Eye Laser Surgery

Eye Laser Surgery alters the focusing power of the eye by changing the shape of the cornea. Factors such as your glasses prescription, your age and visual needs and the configuration of your eye influence which surgical options you have.

Refractive Errors

Refractive surgery encompasses a collection of operations designed to correct focusing errors of the eye. There are a number of such errors including...

Qualifying for Eye Laser Surgery

Eye Laser Surgery is an exciting alternative to wearing glasses and contact lenses… imagine swimming, entertaining, driving, playing with the kids… or even simply walking in the rain!


The most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure is LASIK. During LASIK a precise flap is created by a femtosecond laser. This laser creates...


PRK is very similar to LASIK but in this version of laser vision correction a flap is not made to preserve the epithelium.

Our Technology

Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre has over 25 years experience with Eye Laser systems starting with the early laser systems from 1992 to today's advanced integrated laser suites.

Eye Laser Surgery FAQ's

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Request Refractive Surgery Guide

For all you need to know about Eye Laser Surgery at Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre, including guidelines for surgery, clinical results of Excimer Laser Surgery.

Contoura® Vision

Our Contoura Vision specialist Dr Aanchal Gupta, utilises the latest customisation technology from Wavelength.