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Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre has over 25 years experience with Eye Laser systems starting with the early laser systems from 1992 to today's advanced integrated laser suites. Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre currently uses  the Refractive Suite, the flagship  system from Alcon Wavelight. This laser suite consist of two lasers, the EX500 excimer laser and the FS200 femtosecond laser and has many features that enable high precision, individually customised treatments to be performed. These features include:
  • The ability to perform a LASIK flap matched to the excimer laser treatment without use of a blade;
  • Small spot size combined with very high laser speed for rapid treatment of refractive errors;
  • Precise tracking of the eye to compensate for eye movements and pupil changes;
  • Advanced treatment algorithms controlling spot placement and sequence;
  • Energy optimisation from pulse to pulse for consistent and predictable outcomes;
  • A full array of diagnostic devices that are seamlessly integrated to the treatment lasers.
A key element of laser vision correction is the use of advanced diagnostic equipment that ensures accurate information is available to determine the suitability for surgery and provide the option of individual customisation. Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre uses three key devices that can be directly integrated with the Refractive Suite:
  • Alcon Wavelight Oculyzer that provides cross sectional images of the front section of the eye;
  • Alcon Wavelight Wavefront Analyser to examine the entire optical system of the eye;
  • Alcon Wavelight Topolyzer to provide a detailed map of the eye surface
Analysis of  these measurements with your spectacle prescription, and your comprehensive eye examination, enables the surgeon to select from a number of treatment options within the laser software and individually customise the procedure to your eye.