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Pre-operative Assessment

Eye Laser Surgery is an exciting alternative to wearing glasses and contact lenses… imagine swimming, entertaining, driving, playing with the kids… or even simply walking in the rain!
At Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre, we appreciate that it is also essential to provide you with advice, in order for you to make an informed decision.

What is involved?

The initial pre-operative appointment may be conducted by the Optometrist who will determine your suitability for the procedure. It will also determine which technique you may be suitable for.

Pentacam/Topolyzer Testing

Tests performed by either the Optometrist or technical staff:
  • Auto-refraction and keratometry (computerised assessment of spectacle prescription and eye shape)
  • Pupil assessment
  • Corneal topography (computerised assessment of the corneal contours) allowing determination of suitability for laser refractive surgery
  • Pachymetry (a computerised corneal thickness measurement) allowing determination of suitability for laser refractive surgery
  • Refraction/Prescription measurement for both distance and near
  • Eye movement and coordination assessment
  • Slit lamp examination of the eye
Once suitability has been established a Refractive Interview appointment may be scheduled with the Surgeon.
This appointment involves:
  • Discussion of procedure, benefits and risks
  • A surgical plan being developed and discussed with you
We also understand that some patients may prefer to have both visits combined into one consultation, especially those travelling from interstate or overseas. If this is preferred, please advise our staff at the time of making your appointment.
Note: Depending on your script, it may be necessary to have a driver to the initial appointment as your pupils may need to be dilated. As this will blur your vision and prevent you from driving for a minimum of 2-4 hours, you will need to make suitable transport arrangements.
To arrange a Pre-operative Assessment or to speak to one of Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre's friendly staff, please contact us on 1300 LASER VISION or online here.