Dr Aanchal Gupta opens the Specsavers Online Clinical Conference

On Wednesday 29th July, Dr Aanchal Gupta opened as the expert presenter in the first of a six part weekly webinar series presented by Specsavers.

Attracting a fantastic turnout over 590 attendees, including representatives from optometry, ophthalmology, patient care groups, and professional bodies, all who attended the first night of the series as an opportunity to hear from a highly regarded professional who specialises in this field of expertise.

All tuned in to hear Dr Aanchal Gupta discuss how to optimise refractive outcomes in cataract surgery.

Dr Gupta said of the opportunity:

“It was an honour to be invited to open the conference series. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope that the audience was able to achieve some insights into this important part of ophthalmological surgery. This is part of our commitment to continue to collaborate with the optometry community and provide personalised state of art patient care.”

To read more about the series, and to sign up to future session, click here.

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