Your payment options for Laser Vision Correction

Would you like to invest in laser and own your vision?


Spread this investment cost over a 12 months or pay up-front and receive a discount!

We understand that choosing to invest in Laser Vision Correction is an exciting and important lifestyle decision. Our payment options provide you with the opportunity to achieve this lifestyle goal in a financially responsible way.

It’s your choice – consider your options below.

  1. You can use the LASER VISION PAYMENT PLAN and pay an initial deposit and then spread the remaining cost over a 12 month period.
  2. Or you can choose to PAY IN FULL prior to the time of your surgery and receive a $280 discount per eye.


12x monthly payments of $140.00 per eye12x monthly payments of $140.00 per eye12x monthly payments of $140.00 per eye
Initial deposit of $1,800 per eyeInitial deposit of $1,600 per eyeInitial deposit of $1,500 per eye
Total cost is $3,480 per eyeTotal cost is $3,280 per eyeTotal cost is $3,180 per eye


Attracts a $280 discount per eye.Attracts a $280 discount per eye.Attracts a $280 discount per eye.
Total cost is $3,200 per eyeTotal cost is $3000 per eyeTotal cost is $2,900 per eye

If using the Laser Vision Payment Plan, each month you will receive an email within 5 days before your next instalment is due with the following detail:

  • The amount debited from your account
  • Your remaining amount to be paid
  • Your early pay out figure
  • Your discount if you complete your plan early

It’s your choice! You remain informed and in control!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service consultants on or 08 8274 7000.


  • If you pay out the Payment Plan early you will receive a discount based on the number of payments left in your plan.
  • Participants can pay out the Payment Plan at anytime with no penalties.
  • Both the Payment Plan and up-front payment options include costings for: 
    • treatment for one eye
    • pre and post operative consultation
    • surgical management
    • all medications
    • enhancements for up to 5 years if clinically indicated

Terms and Conditions of the Laser Vision Payment Plan are provided here.

There are also finance options available for your consideration.


Find out if you are a candidate for laser vision correction by taking the Online Eye Suitability Test at the button below.


Book complimentary laser assessment

To understand your best laser options we provide either a tele-consultation or in-house assessment that is no cost to the participant. Provided by a skilled refractive counsellor from ParkView Day Surgery, our affiliated day surgery facility, during this appointment we are able to refine what your personal eye solution is, and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Are you suitable for eye laser surgery?

Not all people are suitable for laser surgery and a thorough examination with an Ophthalmologist is necessary to determine suitability, however, there are some general guidelines and questions which can provide an initial indication of suitability. Take the suitability test and take your first step to a clearer brighter future.

Your questions answered here

We understand that having eye laser surgery is an important decision and that you may have questions about the procedure, your immediate recovery and what you can expect in the days, weeks and months after surgery. We have answered as many as we can here.