Types of Eye Laser Surgery



Types of Eye Laser Surgery

At AE&LC we offer a complete suite of eye laser surgery solutions including SMILE® Pro, LASIK, PRK and Contoura® Vision.

With technologies that are proven, predictable, and with superior eye tracking and customised treatment ability, we can offer the very best treatment plan for each individual client, tailored to each unique eye.

Please see the below short video on this technology or read on to understand the differences between SMILE® Pro, LASIK, and PRK.


The latest development in eye laser vision correction, SMILE® Pro is minimally invasive.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Pain free
  • Low risk of dry eye or infection
  • Silent and odourless
  • Fastest procedure

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The world’s most commonly performed surgery for correcting vision.


  • Quick visual recovery
  • Pain free
  • Most widely performed eye laser surgery

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The first type of laser eye surgery for vision correction.


  • Safe, efficient and predictable
  • Treats a wide range of prescriptions
  • Visual outcomes are excellent
  • Better suited to patients with mild dry eye symptoms
  • More suitable for patients with thin corneas

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Book complimentary laser assessment

To understand your best laser options we provide either a tele-consultation or in-house assessment that is no cost to the participant. Provided by a skilled refractive counsellor from ParkView Day Surgery, our affiliated day surgery facility, during this appointment we are able to refine what your personal eye solution is, and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Are you suitable for eye laser surgery?

Not all people are suitable for laser surgery and a thorough examination with an Ophthalmologist is necessary to determine suitability, however, there are some general guidelines and questions which can provide an initial indication of suitability. Take the suitability test and take your first step to a clearer brighter future.

Your questions answered here

We understand that having eye laser surgery is an important decision and that you may have questions about the procedure, your immediate recovery and what you can expect in the days, weeks and months after surgery. We have answered as many as we can here.