INSIGHT MAGAZINE ARTICLE JULY 2023: Dr Ben LaHood talks about the biggest issues facing the modern day cataract surgery in Australia

As a globally recognised thought leader in his field and an expert in cataract surgery, Dr Ben LaHood was recently interviewed as one of three surgeons to provide his view on the current state of cataract surgery in Australia, including equity and accessibility to the latest advanced intraocular lenses, and how training is adapting to produce more skilled surgeons for tomorrow.

Working across both settings (both in private at AE&LC and public at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital), he is well-placed to highlight what Australia is doing well, and what areas require improvement.

Dr LaHood has long held the view that whether a patient has cataract surgery in public or private, they should receive the same level of care and access to resources and technology.

Read the full article here.

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