Schedule of Fees – Refractive

Effective from February 2020

AE&LC reserves the right to amend its fees, terms and conditions at anytime.

ConsultationsPatient ContributionMedicare Rebate
Initial Assessment with OptometristComplimentaryNil rebate applicable
Consultation with SurgeonComplimentaryNil rebate applicable

Post–operative aftercare consultations for 6 months following a procedure are included in the fees detailed below.

Should you require a consultation subsequent to the 6 month post-operative period, a referral from your optometrist or general practitioner will be required to ensure a Medicare rebate.

An estimate of fees specific to your treatment (Informed Financial Consent) will be given prior to surgery.

Please note that consultations assess suitability for refractive surgery only and do not include assessment for other eye conditions.

SurgeryPatient ContributionMedicare Rebate
SMILE$3,200 per eye* Nil rebate applicable
LASIK$3,000 per eye* Nil rebate applicable
PRK$3,000 per eye* Nil rebate applicable
Astigmatic Keratotomy – AK$550 per eye#Nil rebate applicable
Refractive Lens Exchange – RLE $3,200 per eye* If standard monofocal IOL. All other lens types to be advised at time of booking surgeryNil rebate applicable
Phakic Lens Implant – PIOL$4,200 per eye if standard spherical IOL. All other lens types to be advised at time of booking surgery.Nil rebate applicable

Patients are encouraged to contact their private health fund to ascertain if a rebate is applicable.

  1. If SMILE/LASIK/PRK is required after RLE or PIOL then a fee will be levied.
  2. If AK is required after RLE or PIOL a fee will be levied. This will be discussed at the time of your assessment.
  3. BUPA Ultimate Health Cover members who meet their eligibility criteria incur “No out of pocket” expenses for SMILE/LASIK/PRK surgery.
  4. A rebate may be payable by your health fund for refractive surgery.
  5. Fund claims may be subject to limitations imposed by the health insurer.
  6. There may be a small fee for drops required outside the normal postoperative period.

* Includes correction of astigmatism.       # Only applies when Laser not required.

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