Infection Control

The observance and practice of an Infection Control program is a responsibility shared by our management and staff.

Effective infection control methods applied in our day hospital and consulting rooms are assured by:

  • Compliance with relevant Australian Standards – AS/NZS 4187- cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical and surgical equipment, and maintenance of associated environments in health care facilities.
  • Compliance with Acorn Standards – Standards for Perioperative Nursing.
  • Compliance with Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare – National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • A staff education program – All new clinical staff must attend specific infection control orientation education and regular infection control education programs and updates.
  • Policies & Procedures to ensure staff awareness.
  • Conscientious hygiene, including appropriate hand hygiene (routine, aseptic, surgical) (training through Hand Hygiene Australia) and regular cleaning of work areas, equipment and instruments.
  • Single use or disposable items are discarded immediately after use in clearly labelled designated disposal containers and are collected by a service provider that meets Environment Protection Association guidelines.
  • Sterilising equipment undergoes regular maintenance in accordance with standards.
  • Support for work health and safety policies and practices, including:
    • Vaccination against infections which are a potential risk in the health care setting.
    • Ongoing quality management and quality improvement activities.

Data can be provided on request regarding infection control results.

Whilst in Australia it is permissible to perform laser vision correction procedures in a procedure room environment, at AE&LC we choose to house the lasers in a fully accredited operating theatre environment to provide the lowest risk for you.

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