What are the benefits of laser vision correction? What are the risks? And is it worth the investment?  

In a world where precision, clarity, and convenience are highly valued, the ability to see clearly plays an integral role in shaping our experiences and our lifestyle.

For many, reliance on corrective visual hardware, like glasses or contact lenses, creates a constant (and annoying) negotiation between clear sight and convenience.

The opportunity to change this trade-off is available with investment in laser vision correction.

With the achieved advancements in this technology over the last two decades, laser vision correction is now a safe day-time procedure that requires very little downtime, is painless, provides choice in terms of the technology employed and best suited to you, is suitable for more and more people, and can be tailored to each individuals goals and unique visual situations.

Laser vision correction is a ground-breaking innovation, that continues to revolutionise the ophthalmic industry and offers not just visual clarity but a liberating lifestyle upgrade for those that choose it.

However, we also acknowledge that it represents a significant investment. Because laser is an elective procedure that does not require a referral, it is not covered by Medicare, nor by most private health insurance policies. Therefore, the investment is covered by the individual.

Like all investment choices, costs should be considered relative to their immediate, middle, and long term benefits.

In this blog we will identify these costs, the risks, and weigh them against the benefits, so you can form your own opinion.


Let’s discuss costs first

Each ophthalmic centre will have different pricing structures for laser vision correction based on their technology and level of surgical experience. However, these costs don’t vary dramatically and are usually comparable. In this section we will define the costs relative to Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre specifically, which are in-line with industry standards.

Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre offers a complete suite of the most modern laser vision technology. This provides the dual benefit of being able to offer a diversity of options to its patients, as well as provide a comprehensive insight into costs.

At AE&LC eye laser surgery costs are set between $3000 – $3400 per eye, depending on which technology best suits you (see this detailed below). This is inclusive of pre and post operative appointments and also inclusive of a five-year enhancement guarantee should this be required.

  • PRK – $3000 per eye
  • LASIK – $3000 per eye
  • SMILE – $3400 per eye

However, to make this lifestyle choice more accessible, AE&LC is able to offer its patients finance options, which can be found at this link if you are interested in finding out more.


Let’s discuss risks next

Laser vision correction is now less invasive than ever before, and the risks are low with approximately 98-99% of eyes having no complications after surgery. However, like all surgical procedures there is always a small element of risk. These are detailed below.

  • Dry eyes: laser vision correction can lead to temporary or persistent dry eyes due to decreased tear production. This usually corrects itself as the eyes heal and is treated by using eye drops.
  • Night vision issues: some individuals may experience glare, halos, or difficulty seeing at night, especially during the initial recovery period.
  • Fine tuning – not achieving the visual results you are hoping for: During your consultation process, your doctor will listen to your goals and suggest what they consider is your best option. They will also inform you of achievable outcomes so you have all the information at your disposal and know what results you can expect.  For the first 3-6 months vision continues to improve. However, in very few cases there may be some regression in the eye and if this is the case then an enhancement procedure can be undertaken to fine tune the results. If you are not happy with your visual outcome based on your expected outcomes, then the good news is you are eligible and able to have a laser enhancement up to five years after surgery.
  • Infection: although rare, infection is a potential risk, especially if proper postoperative care isn’t followed. However, if you are using your medicated drops this can mostly be avoided.
  • Flap complications: procedures like LASIK involve creating a flap, and complications during this process or with the healing of the flap can occur.


Now for the benefits – of which there are many!

There are lots of benefits to having laser vision correction, and each will have different importance to the individual! See them below in no particular order!

  • Vision freedom – beyond the 20/20

Imagine waking up to clear unaided vision. Laser vision correction provides individuals with the opportunity to experience their best vision, often surpassing the limits of 20/20, and certainly enhancing overall quality of life – permanently!

  • Lifestyle convenience

The ripple effect of laser vision correction extends far beyond improved vision. It bestows a newfound sense of convenience and confidence in daily life. Activities once hindered by the need for glasses, or the constraints of contacts become effortlessly enjoyable. From spontaneous trips to the beach, to the ease of seeing you children play sport, no more glasses for driving, no more uncomfortable contact lenses, the convenience of clear sight becomes a seamless part of life.

  • Appearance confidence

The opportunity to ditch the glasses can free up choice in fashion and appearance choices.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

The adaptability that comes with laser vision correction is unparalleled. Gone are the days of planning activities around the limitations of wearing contacts or the inconvenience of glasses slipping off during physical activities. The flexibility afforded by this procedure offers a lifestyle unrestricted by visual aids. Whether engaging in sports, traveling, or simply enjoying everyday moments, the freedom from these constraints is truly liberating.

  • Quick recovery with little to no downtime!

Most individuals experience a rapid recovery, with improved vision often within a day or two after the procedure. At Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre, laser patients have their procedure on Thursday, see their doctor on Friday for their post operative appointment, are driving by the weekend, and depending on the type of laser vision correction used, are often back to normal activities as early as the following Monday.

  • It’s permanent and results are long-lasting!

The effects of laser vision correction are long-lasting, providing sustained vision improvement for every single moment of your waking day – for the rest of your life! If you split the cost over a lifetime, it would certainly have a very small cost per wear price!

  • Enhanced quality of life

Freedom from glasses or contact lenses can lead to an improved quality of life, especially for those with active lifestyles.

Precision and customisation – it’s tailored for you!

With the technologies that are now available, laser procedures are highly precise, allowing for customised treatments tailored to individual eye characteristics and your own visual goals.

  • Pain-free and quick

Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, and any discomfort is usually short-lived. The procedure itself is very quick and painless, taking less than a minute each eye.

  • Reduced dependency on visual hardware

Laser vision correction can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, offering convenience and freedom. No more need to update your prescription, replace damaged or lost glasses or have multiple pairs depending on what you are wearing or doing!


Is it worth the Investment?

The decision to invest in laser vision correction is exciting and one that involves careful consideration both in terms of individual goals, your best option and affordability.

In terms of a cost per use assessment over a lifetime, laser vision correction certainly represents value for money. However, it is the lifestyle benefits that are often hard to monetise that represent the most value to your day to day!

Laser vision correction is not merely about restoring clear eyesight, it’s about liberating individuals from the confines of visual aids, and unlocking a world of clarity, confidence, and convenience. The permanent benefits—vision freedom, lifestyle enhancement, appearance confidence, and the simplicity of a life without glasses or contacts—underscore its undeniable worth for a clearer, brighter future.


It’s your choice

As the first to offer laser in South Australia, Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre has pioneered investment in laser vision correction from its very beginning. Now in partnership with ParkView Day Surgery, a fully accredited day hospital purpose built for performing eye procedures, we remain Adelaide’s premier precinct and choice for this lifestyle enhancing procedure. Offering a complete suite of laser vision correction technologies, including SMILE Pro, LASIK and PRK (information on each of these is provided at these links), and with two of Australia’s most experienced and respected laser vision correction specialists in Dr Peter Ingham and Dr Ben LaHood, if you are considering laser vision correction we encourage you to reach out to us.


Find out your suitability

Not everybody is a suitable candidate for laser vision correction. However, the good news is that with advancements in this technology more and more people are suited, and we are able to tailor a solution to improve the vision of most people.

To get started  take our Online Eye Suitability Test here which will help to inform you of your best option and lead you to book an obligation free appointment with one of our expert laser counsellors. Or alternatively you can get started straight away by booking an obligation free appointment asap here. These are done in centre or via zoom based on your preference and allow us to gather some information from you and an opportunity for you to ask us questions before seeing your chosen doctor.


Got questions?

Why not visit our FAQ page or please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team at aelc@aelc.com.au or 08 8274 7000.

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Are you suitable for eye laser surgery?

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We understand that having eye laser surgery is an important decision and that you may have questions about the procedure, your immediate recovery and what you can expect in the days, weeks and months after surgery. We have answered as many as we can here.